1 de enero de 2013

¡Feliz 2013!

¡Feliz 2013, desde la cálida Barcelona! :-) Inicio este año con más ilusión que nunca. Aventura. Decisiones, decisiones por hacer. Abro hoy la puerta de mi memoria, para no olvidar, para aprender mejor. Mientras tanto una taza de té y una canción de Field Music. Start the day right. Paz, alegría y sobretodo ilusión para cada uno de ustedes :-)

Happy 2013 from warm Barcelona! :-) How thrilled I start this year! The beginning of a new great adventure. Decisions, decisions to make. Today, I open the door of my memories, to remember, to better learn. Meanwhile, a cup of tea and a song by Field Music. Start the day right. Peace, joy and hope for each of you :-)
♪ I'm sure I was dreaming or was I just tired? 
A chance to start the day right
...Of morning, so many quiet,Someone hoping to be outside...The signs, voice on the...I just remembered how you got here 

Each morning, he’ll be asking you to come 
The fall, 
switch places, with the worst mistake that you've made 
That way... down 

2 comentarios:

  1. Happy 2013! I love the "Be more Awesome than last year" That is great..Great success and happiness to you in the future!
    Sheree xxx

  2. Thank you Sheree! Have a wonderful 2013 :-)